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Moscow - Multi-day
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Acceptance of applications
Places available for participation: 2 places
Available places: 2

1st round

2st round

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3st round

The final

Play for 3rd place

Play for the 5th place

Play for the 7th place

Multi-day amateur men's doubles tennis tournament in Moscow

Tournament rules:

- The fee for participation in the tournament is 800 rubles. with a couple.

- Discount / bonus for referring a friend - 500 rubles.
- Games are held on the courts of the tournament participants with a court fee of 50/50%.
- Time for each round of the tournament is 1 week.
- Number of players in the tournament - 8 people.
- Games are played for each place, i.e. it is possible to play 2-3 games in trunir.
- The winner of the tournament gets free participation in the next tournament.

To apply for participation, you need to click on the "Participate" button and register.
Next, we will contact you using the specified contact information, and we will inform you of the results of the draw and the contacts of the opponent.
You can find the results and photos from the previous tournament here

Tournament holding:

The Olympic system is applied with additional tournaments, which are held for players who have lost one of the games.
Matches are played in 3 sets with a tie-break in each set.
Tennis courts for competitions are provided by the participants of the match by mutual agreement.
Tennis court rent is paid by the participants in the amount of 50/50%.
A court with a lower rental value is preferred.
In a controversial situation, with the same rental price and the location of the courts, the participant, defined as the "host", has the final say.

Payment for the court is made by the participants before the start of the match.

The "receiving side" is determined by the standings: in the upper half of the grid - this is the top participant, in the lower half - the bottom, in the final matches the top player has an advantage.
For the match, it is necessary to agree on the availability of at least three new balls. Newer and higher quality balls have priority.

Conducting matches:

The timing of the match must be agreed upon by both participants.
The time of the matches is from 8-00 to 00-00. The deadline for the start of the game is 22.30.
Matches are judged by the players themselves without a umpire.
Priority when judging is on the side of the contestant where the held ball is. In a controversial situation, 2 balls are played.