About us

Tennis-Tournaments — this is a tennis fans club and an automated service for finding partners and holding tennis tournaments.

We hold multi-day and one-day tennis tournaments for children and adults in various categories. Multi-day tournaments are held in different cities of Russia if there are 8 participants in the tournament.

The goals of our project:

  • Unite tennis fans into a community, help find a tennis partner.
  • Conduct weekend club tournaments and away tournaments.
  • To promote the growth of the level of play of participants and organize games with equal opponents.
  • To enable players to play at a convenient time and place.
  • To make the game of tennis more accessible and more popular.

For questions about participation in tournaments, you can write to: info@tennis-play.com


Our team


Andrey Maltsev
Andrey has been playing tennis since he was 12. Participates in amateur tournaments and RTT tournaments . Responsible for technical support, development and promotion of the project.

Farrukh Yedgarov
Farrukh has been playing tennis since he was 8 years old. He trained at the Florida State Tennis Academy, and also played for the South Carolina and New York teams.
Outside of tennis, Farrukh holds the position of senior analyst at a hedge fund, whose activities are aimed at investing in small and medium market capitalization companies.


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