Tournament participation
Game level: 2.5
Points: 0
Games: 2
Wins: 1
Role: Player
Gender: Male
Country: Russia
City: Moscow
District: Moscow - CJSC
Age: 35
Game type: Single / To the account
Court: Payment in half
Game time: from 9:00 till 23:00
Comment: Looking for a partner for training. Ideally, if in training we will dedicate to the workout of the technology and holding the ball, and the rest of the time will be commissioned at the expense :). . It is also ready to consider split training so that the trainer is still nearby: as a rule, it is also more useful, and more fun). . Preferably, the courts on the southwestern, Vernadsky Avenue, Kaluga, University, in Luzhniki. But in general, I can drive up to another location ... On weekdays I can play from 21. On the weekend more flexible in time.
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