Tournament participation
Kirill Pshennikov
Game level: 7
Points: 0
Games: 0
Wins: 0
Role: Player Coach
Gender: Male
Country: Russia
City: Moscow
District: Moscow - VAO
Age: Not stated
Game type: Single / Not on account of
Court: Payment in half
Game time: from 6:00 till 23:00
Comment: Active professional player, CCM in Tennis, speaking at the Tournaments of the RTT series / ITF .. The experience of the game> 8 years. Experience as a sparring partner / coach> 4 years, there is experience in sparring with RTT players (Top-5), ITF (Top-30), WTA (TOP-250), ATP (TOP-250), as well as work as a trainer Children and adults regardless of age and gender .. About me:. 19 years old, left-handed, graduate SPARTAK SPARTAK, a multiple winner and prize winner of the RTT / ITF tournaments in a single discharge and couple, currently studying at the university and continue his professional career .. I live on Sokolnicheskaya (red) branch, it is possible to move freely In the city, if necessary, there is a basket with balls, chips and everything you need for training .. if necessary, ready to take all the organizational moments (Equipment, Court rental) on yourself .. The price of the exercise contractual, usually the cost of my services varies from 1400 to 1600 .. I answer quickly, for convenience I leave my number, I am in whatsapp and Telegram .. Also, I am on Avito:
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