Tournaments for veterans

We invite you to take part in multi-day tennis tournaments for veterans, categories: 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+

The list of all tournaments is here /?gender=0&country=3159&city=4400&duration=2&ages=16&cat=0

— The fee for participation in the tournament is 800 rubles.
— Discount or payment for attracting a friend — 500 rubles.
— The games are held on the courts of the tournament participants with a 50/50% court fee.
— Number of players in the tournament — 8 people.
— The time for each round of the tournament is 1 week.
— The games are for each place, so there are 3 games in the tournament.
— The winner of the tournament receives free participation in the next tournament.

General information

Veteran tournaments are organized by the Veteran Committee of the International Tennis Federation (or International Tennis Federation, ITF). About 300 competitions are held per year, where more than 20,000 players show their skills. There is no fixed territory for holding competitions. Tournaments can be held in any country.


In 1958, for the first time, a team championship was held in the «45» category (for athletes 45-49 years old). Then the Italian men’s team won.
Initially, there were only 4 age categories. Today there are 21 for both men and women. In 1993, the organizers of the event divided the tournament into two separate parts: junior «Seniors» (35-55 years old) and senior «Super-Seniors» veterans (women 60-75 years old, men 60-80 years old).
In 2016, there were 3 categories: «Young-Seniors» (for tennis players 35-45 years old), «Seniors» (for those aged 50 to 60) and «Super-Seniors» (65 to 80 years old).

Age categories

The competitions are designed for athletes over 35 years old. Age groups have been formed, for example, «35» — athletes should not be under 35 years old and over 40 years old, «40» — those who are 40-44 years old come on the court here, etc. The latest category is «85». Athletes over the age of 85 take part in this category. If there are players of more advanced age, say, 90 years old, then they take part in the oldest age category, that is, «85» for men and «80» for women.

How tournaments are held

There are many veterans who want to take part in the tournament. It is difficult to hold a competition in all age categories, as there are not enough courts. Several age categories and categories are selected: doubles or singles. If possible, the tournament is held for both categories.
The International Tennis Federation holds both team and individual competitions.
For those who have already lost in the first round, a special consolation match is held. Rating points are awarded for this game.
All winning teams are awarded with Cups. It is different for each age category, for example, men of the «35» category will receive the Italian Cup, and women of the same age will be awarded the Susan Lenglen Cup.

Rules of the game

First, the games are held in a circular system, then the winner is determined by the Olympic system.
There are 2-4 players in the team. 2 singles matches are held for them, and then 1 doubles match.

Time of the games

The tournament is held every year. Young veterans meet in the spring, and the rest — in the fall. On average, each championship lasts about 7 days.