Private tennis court in Skolkovo

District: ZAO
Metro: Yugo-Zapadnaya, Victory Park
Address: Solntsevsky district, pos. Meshchersky, st. Varvarinskaya, 29
Contact phone: + 7-916-147-82-42


Number of courts:
1 indoor court

Working hours:
7.00 to 24.00 daily.

How to get there:
From metro Yugo-Zapadnaya bus number 66 leaves. It takes 20 minutes to get to Skolkovo. From the stop to the court, 3 minutes walk.
From Kievskiy railway station to Skolkovo 15 minutes by train. Then 3 minutes walk.

Rent price:
From 1000 rubles.

Description of the club:
changing rooms
rest rooms
parking lot
equipment rental
sparring services.
The sports complex offers individual and group lessons.